Indagra 2018
February 26, 2019
Indagra 2019
February 5, 2020

Between April 11-14, 2019, the 25th edition of the Agraria Exhibition was held at Jucu, in Cluj county, where we have participated with our own booth.

We’ve exhibited a wide range of our products and solutions, and we had the pleasure to discuss with farmers, animal breeders and veterinarians about:

  • Optimization of nutrition in cattle farms, using modern solutions from Dinamica Generale (Italy): NIR analysis of feed quality (protein, dry matter, NDF starch, ADF, ash, etc.), quantitative and qualitative analysis of the feed in the loading and distribution process at bovine farms, cost efficiency, decrease in food refusal rate, operator control, graphs, reports and statistics for cattle farm management
  • Electric fences to restrict access to animals (domestic, wild) – powerful and serious solutions from Koltec, Netherland
  • A wide range of equipment for cattle farms: self-locking feeders, cages for adult or youth animals, alleys, rest mattresses, feed and feeding systems, cattle crushes (mobile, stationary, manual or electro-hydraulic)
  • Animal Identification (ear tags, transponders, RFID readers) and correlation with electronic weighing and contention systems
  • Animal Waste incinerators  (  - our own brand of incinerayors - IncinerPro) with models with fixed and rotating combustion chamber, mobile incinerators even high capacity incinerators, for emergency situations
  • Professional trimmers, clippers and shearing machines
  • Various veterinary instruments (castration, vaccination, hoof treatment, etc.)

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