AGRA 2020 Bulgaria
July 9, 2018
Between 19.02.2020 – 23.02.2020 we have exhibited at AGRA fair, organized at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We presented our animal waste incinerators, equipment for handling, transport and store animal wastes, but also the entire range of solutions for disinfection and cleaning.

We have discussed with Bulgarian farmers about:

  1. The latest incinerator models for animal waste (IncinerPro), manufactured by our company, in Romania: fixed, mobile and with rotary chamber, but also high capacity incinerators, designated for emergency situations (outbreak). We have exhibited the IncinerPro i500 – animal waste incinerator, a perfect solution for animal farms (pig, sheep)
  2. The EVO Cleaner cleaning robot (for pig barns) manufactured by the Swedish company Envirologic AB. This equipment is the most developed one in the market, with unmatched degree of mobility, autonomy and programmability.
  3. Complete range of solutions for disinfection and waste management:
  • disinfection gates for auto vehicles (cars, trucks)
  • disinfection automatic gates, with turnstile for hand and feet disinfection
  • disinfection mobile tanks, for animal shelters, barbs, rooms
  • carcass bins, refrigerated storage of carcasses, carcass trolleys